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Investment Banker Meets
Entrepreneurial Spirit

In addition to focusing on smaller middle-market companies which tend to be underserved, Lionfish is unique in another way. We represent the union of two distinct and different disciplines best illustrated by the experience of our founders. Mr. Bennett's transactional expertise coupled with Mr. Nadelman's entrepreneurial background enables Lionfish to not only fully understand your goals, objectives, and challenges, but also arms us with the tools to provide real world solutions and execute at the highest level.

We specialize in transactions that require some sophistication, and have experience in the areas of high technology, manufacturing, financial institutions, and entertainment. Frequently, businesses with revenues less than $10 Million are too small to garner the attention of the traditional middle-market investment banks and are forced to use less sophisticated agents to represent and assist them in the acquisition process. Lionfish Advisors on the other hand, possesses the sophistication, integrity and professionalism equivalent to the larger investment banks but remains competitive because of our lean structure.



Greg J. Bennett, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Greg J. Bennett has been active in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions since 1986. Mr. Bennett's strengths as a strategic thinker and execution specialist have brought him into a leadership position representing at varying times buyers, sellers, shareholder groups, regulatory agencies and even the U.S. government. Mr. Bennett has hands-on experience in every facet of M&A, having served as the trusted advisor to businesses from coast to coast as well as in overseas markets. Mr. Bennett received his Bachelor's degree in Business Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1985. He is an avid racer of vintage automobiles and has served as a director of the Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA). 



Paren Knadjian, Principal

Mr. Knadjian has over 25 years of experience in the financial services and high tech industries serving as both an operational and capital markets executive. He co-founded Entrada Associates/West Channel Partners in 2007 as a business consulting and M&A advisory firm that served the strategic and capital needs of high growth companies. Previous to Entrada/West Channel, Mr. Knadjian was the CEO/COO of two companies in the software industry serving the need of trading professionals and investment bankers. He was also a senior executive at Thomson Financial (now Reuters Thomson) and has co-founded two start-ups that were sold to trade buyers. He has been involved in 24 successful M&A and capital raising transactions, as a principal and intermediary.



We operate utilizing the Lionfish TeamConcept. At least two principals will work hand-in-hand with the client at every stage of the process. Defense and offense. Leadership and follow-up. Each client will receive the benefit of two principals throughout the entire process.

Phone: (310) 396-8000 | Email: info@lionfishadvisors.com